I want to break free


It is so good to be free. And freedom is so underated that is hurting, right now my leg the most.

Freedom is not when you don’t have shackles to put you down, when you are free structurally. Freedom is not despite but inspite. When you can free your mind even when there are hundereds of things weighing it down.

It is the greatest freedom to give a fuck. And for those whose sensibilities get hurt by this word, let’s give a damn.

A woman is free when she knows she doesn’t have to become a man to prove herself. A man is free when he knows that he doesn’t have to earn a million dollars to prove himself, both in a society which wants you to stick to the old world. Freedom in a society which allows freedom is well, easy and it doesn’t demand anything from you. Which means that it doesn’t demand your soul to be free. And this is exactly the point.

Again this oft repeated, misused word – soul. I don’t what it means in common parlance and I just take it as a state of pure honesty. A state where you cannot be more you, kind of defines the limits of your existence. When this honest state is free is when you are.