Fight for justice, fall in love and drink Champagne…

It is just an idea this – that if the youth was to be described in just three salient points it would be thus:

a) Fight for justice

b) Fall in love

c) Drink Champagne

I heard it somewhere, someday possibly on a radio while aboard a lonely flight. No wait, where would be radio signals on a flight. May be at the airport where I was too busy observing the people to remember who exactly said all of this.

Anyways, etymology, epistemology, ontology – what do we know about any of them? The bottom line is how great these three features are: succinct, precise and yes, to the freaking POINT.

When I talk about justice it really doesn’t mean that you should look at the youth of the Indian National Movement with envy. That was a great time and if I would have been alive I would have surely stolen out in the middle of the night to give food to the people who were fighting for the independence of our country. In spite of reading so much about nationalism and debates on whether it’s a good or a bad thing, I remain a nationalist. I love my country though may be now I might have my reservations against the Bengalis. But that’s just JNU and my hostel. Nothing serious, as they say it’s just a passing phase (?)

I am digressing.

I was saying that if you are young that means that you will fight for justice at least once in your life. Even if it is with the sabjiwala who charged you extra for the dhaniya. You will fight. You will argue. You will not take anything lying down,  you will make sure that you are part of the change however small that change might be, so that when you become old you will look back at those golden days with fondness. Just as Amitabh Bachchan does in the movie HUM. I love the scene where Govinda and Rajnikanth mock Bachchan and ask if he had ever been in a fight before. Then the director takes us (the audience) back to his dock Days. The way the flashback shows his face turning, accompanied with fast music announcing the coming of the hero thrills me no end.

I love this movie.

So, you will beat up men who tease women. You will help an elderly person get a seat in the bus, arguing with a suited-booted man while you do it. These are all processes of growing up. Of being young, of having a dream that one day you will change this world. Keep it up – you just might one day.  Even if you don’t, this spirit will make you feel more alive and more human everyday than what being practical and disillusioned will ever do.

Fall in love.

What do I say about falling in love. All of us have experienced it once in our lives.  Some people have more than once too. It is those beautiful moments of being young that make you want to invent the time machine and invent it today. Some one comes along and before you know it, life starts revolving around him/her. The greatest thing is what this feeling does to you – makes you feel beautiful and alive from inside and outside.  It is true that at that point life feels possible, above every obstacle and above every roadblock. A normal walk on the beach becomes the highlight of your existence and you seriously don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night if the phone so demands.

Beautiful – this word feels such a gross understatement to what love is that I want to check for synonyms.

But futile isn’t it?  Love is just plain and simple beautiful. Let’s not ruin it by complicating it.

Drink Champagne.

It is not so much about drinking champagne than it is about opening that bottle; the loosening of the cap and the slow rise of the liquid inside. The white mad bubbles and the way they scramble to reach out to the front so that they may be the first to come out.

And then pop! it is all over you and on the floor and only a little bit in the glass.


A champagne bottle symbolises the youth like nothing else ever can. There is as much energy as there is submission. Energy bubbling inside the bottle; submission to the one who is brave enough to open the cap, to take the gust of the bubbly all over him. Who had the strength and purpose to maneuver the drink which refuses to go everywhere but into the glass.

You are alive my friend if you ever fought for what you thought was right, dreamed of some one at night and popped open that drink that needs all your guts.