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Shunning the FAB INDIA

Description: salt and pepper hair, khadi clothing and a lost demeanour.

If you do not understand what they are saying then it is probably your fault. They are generally found at upmarket places in and Delhi like IIC, IHC and JNU auditoriums and other spurious places in and around Delhi where elitism is reared and cultivated like a milking cow. Where “writings” are renditions and “sexuality” is body politics. Where endless cups of chai are consumed to understand why the author crossed his Ts but did not dot his Is; why the movie maker would not shoot in a particular light (or why he would) and why the women would rather sit at home when they could be partying out really late.


Everything is devoured, consumed and then re-written in academic papers to be read and re-read in academic papers only they understand to produce theories about a society only they live in. A mono-society, like a mono-culture laboratory sample which makes understanding it such a perfectly straight-line job. Objective theories which explain why things happen but never why they are so cruel. Objective theories which are in competition with the scalpel holding population. Let’s see who can be more removed from the blood and the gore?

Men and women in salt and pepper hair, with intricate silver jewellery and crisp and shiny Fab India attire discuss the world they live in comfortably removed from its stark bareness. Aloof from its details and cold from its touch.

Please note: A discussion on the “Female infanticide in India” will be followed by high tea in the auditorium halls.
Do join us to add a little perspective.


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5 responses to “Shunning the FAB INDIA

  1. Pooja ⋅

    We had a similar discussion in our group and one of the response aptly fits here on this post:

    ” But how about looking at this lament over hypocrisy as aiming to enter a deeper level of inter-subjectivity? i.e. For one, it is not really possible to completely “think from another person’s shoes” or to think like another person, or in other words, we cannot enter completely know/enter another subject’s subjective experience/space. All we can do is engage with the another person, and hope to achieve a space of inter-subjectivity, where we are able to share some of the experience/knowledge of the another person, be affected by it, and therefore act in a particular way that we are driven into.

    This engagement can be through dialogue, negotiation, sharing physical spaces that the another person occupies etc.

    Once this space of inter-subjectivity is attained, this hypocrisy hardly matters. If everyone from the director of the funding agency to the grassroot worker shares this inter-subjective space, then it hardly matters whether they meet in a five star hotel or travel in chartered jets, i feel. “

  2. Mind Shag


    But what/who is a “middle” woman?

  3. shivangi1984 ⋅

    There will be.. I just need some free time!

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